Alkisti AM



About Alkisti

Originally from Greece, Alkisti has spent most of her life travelling around the world, living in Kenya, Zimbabwe, France, England and currently in Austria. While pursuing a PhD in Biochemistry at University of Cambridge, she became interested in the migration crisis unfolding back home. In late 2015, Alkisti returned to Greece where she began to work as a volunteer. Since then she has carried out research on human smuggling networks for the Cambridge Institute of Criminology and worked with both NGOs and independent initiatives across the country.

Throughout this time, Alkisti also began to document what she saw, telling the stories of refugees who are forced to wait there while trying to continue their journey into Europe. She has been raising awareness through her photography, participating in exhibitions at Darwin College, Cambridge, at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research during the Cambridge Festival of Ideas and at the Heong Gallery. She is currently collaborating with the Initiative Minderheiten Tirol to raise awareness and foster tolerance in Austria, studying Photojournalism through the New York Institute of Photography and pursuing projects in both Greece and Austria. Alkisti is available for assignments in Europe and further afield.