Alkisti AM




Waiting for Home: an on-going book project

in collaboration with Intiative Minderheiten Tirol

This documentary photo-book aims to document and tell the story of those trapped in the refugee settlement of Idomeni, along the Greek-Macedonian border, in 2016. Using a combination of photographs, stories & direct quotes from residents as well as sociological findings, we will provide insight into the daily life of people living in the camp and their constant fight for their voices being heard, while advocating for the more dignified and humane treatment of Europe's displaced communities. This project is supported by the Initiative Minderheiten Tirol and will be published in late 2019 by Mandelbaum verlag.


Far from the Hearth: Essays in Honour of Martin K. Jones

An academic collection of essays published together in 2018 as a monograph in honour of Martin Jones, whose research over the last four decades has exemplified the potential of archaeology, archaeological science and their cognate disciplines to address central questions about food and human nature. The volume comprises 17 thematic papers, all focused on the archaeology of food and arranged into three sections reflecting Martin Jones’ wide-ranging career.

ISBN: 978-1-902937-87-8


Idomeni: After the Camp.

This photo essay contains photographs taken in the refugee settlement at Idomeni. After the refugees were forcibly evicted from the settlement, I returned to the same spots I originally photographed to see what was left. The result was a series of before/after shots showing the contrast between life in Idomeni both during and after the iconic migrant settlement. 


Limbo in Greece: a photo-essay

A photo-essay was created in collaboration with the CAMMIGRES Forum editorial team to offer insight into the lives of people living in Greece's camps and refugee settlements. The images used were taken in Greece during early 2016.